Vada is a resort that attracts tourists from all over the world and is famous for over 5 km of wide, pale, fine-sand beaches and crystal-clear, Blue Flag-winning water. Paid-entry bathing beaches along the coast bordered by shady pinewoods alternate with wide stretches of public beach where beach umbrellas and sun beds can be hired. The “Secche di Vada”, or shallows, attract fishing enthusiasts in all seasons. The Rada dei Saraceni, Pietra Bianca pinewoods, Molino a Fuoco, and the Mazzanta are all fascinating corners of this ancient town. Vada, which was the ancient natural port of Volterra, was already known in 330 BC and was mentioned by Cicero and other Latin poets. Later, Saracen pirates would shelter here during their raids, as witnessed by the amphorae and terracotta vases lying on the seabed. Vada is lively and peaceful at the same time, is a centre for sports and relaxation, and offers the holidaymaker a wide choice. A popular centre for sailing, Vada has a small marina with mooring facilities. Imaginative, tasty dishes of fish and seafood are the main features of the cooking here.

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