Structure Locality Price

Mon 035 VILLA con 13 Ha di terreno

Villa im Landhausstil mit Natursteinfassade. Das Haus wurde 1990 an Stelle eines...

Località: Monteverdi Marittimo
Prezzo: 590000
Monteverdi Marittimo EUR 590.000,00

Mon 038 Appartamento con vista

Wohnung im dritten und letzten Stock eines Wohnhauses im historischen Zentrum vo...

Località: Monteverdi Marittimo
Prezzo: 70000
Monteverdi Marittimo EUR 70.000,00

Mon 041 - Villetta

Das Haus liegt in der Gemeinde von Monteverdi Marittimo (PI) in den Huegeln der ...

Località: Monteverdi Marittimo
Prezzo: 160000
Monteverdi Marittimo EUR 160.000,00

mon 042- Casa in Campagna con giardino

VAL DI CECINA, MONTEVERDI MARITTIMO, Wohnung zu verkaufen von 100 Qm, Neubau, He...

Località: Monteverdi Marittimo
Prezzo: 260000
Monteverdi Marittimo EUR 260.000,00


Schöne Studio-Wohnung von ca. 35 qm. mit einem Dachboden, wo wir zwei Zimmer hab...

Località: Monteverdi Marittimo
Prezzo: 90000
Monteverdi Marittimo EUR 90.000,00


MONTEVERDI MARITTIMO in der Via San Francesco, im Herzen des Dorfes, mit einem ...

Località: Monteverdi Marittimo
Prezzo: 90000
Monteverdi Marittimo EUR 90.000,00


CASALE / RUSTICO ZUR WIEDERHERSTELLUNG Ungefähr 2700 Kubikmeter, die zurückgewo...

Località: Monteverdi Marittimo
Prezzo: 650000
Monteverdi Marittimo EUR 650.000,00


MONTEVERDI MARITTIMO, Standort Maremmana In hügeliger, sehr panoramischer Lage ...

Località: Monteverdi Marittimo
Prezzo: 100000
Monteverdi Marittimo EUR 100.000,00

Monteverdi Marittimo

Monteverdi Marittimo lies on the southern slope of the Metallifere Hills. The birth of Monteverdi Marittimo village took place in medieval high times, when in the area was built the Abbey of San Pietro in Palazzuolo, around which the community started gathering and building their homes . Subsequently near the abbey was erected a castle which in the thirteenth century stood under the protection of Volterra. At the same time, Abbey monks submitted themselves to the town of Massa Marittima. Only in the middle of the same century monks joined with the community of Monteverdi Marittimo, also placing the abbey under the jurisdiction of Volterra. The most important monuments in Monteverdi Marittimo we mention the Church of Sant'Andrea, the Oratorio del Santissimo Sacramento, Monteverdi Castle and the remains of its medieval fortifications. Among the many events that take place regularly at Monteverdi Marittimo we point out the "Feast of Sant'Andrea" which is held annually on the 30th of November in honor of the Patron Saint.
The village of Monteverdi Marittimo maintains its medieval appearance, thanks to the numerous architectures in its territory, among which the Monteverdi Castle stands out. The castle preserves the typical Medieval features of its original construction, is circular. In the heart of the historic center of Monteverdi Marittimo, there is the Sant'Andrea Church, built in the 14th century with stone facade and rococo decorations, and the Oratory of the Santissimo Sacramento, where you can admire a Wooden Crucifix of Fifteenth century. Not far from the inhabited center are the ruins of the Abbey of San Pietro in Palazzuolo, of which you can see the fundamental structure of the religious building, which is a part of the perimeter walls, the apsidal area, the cloister and the bell tower.

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