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Casale Marittimo

On a hill, in the middle of Tuscany, suddenly seems to enter the Middle Ages. This is what happens if you visit Casale Marittimo, a small village that lies near ​​Cecina, in the province of Pisa. This village is not by the sea, but it is about six miles from the coast. Between the stone streets that hang around the historic center, the silence is reigned, guarded by the castle, the heart of the city, where the terraces offer a spectacular view to the sea. On clear days you can see the islands of the Tuscan archipelago: Elba, Capraia and Gorgona. Although the holidays at Casale Marittimo are perfect for "doing nothing", there are many things to see. Obviously the Castle is one of the most important attractions, of which today you can only admire some remnants of the walls. To see the Camarlingo house, which is in the defensive walls, is one of the oldest buildings in the city, because the camarlingo was a kind of tax collector and appointed directly by the feudal lord.

Among the buildings of interest are the Palazzo Rocca, the Church of Sant'Andrea, born on the ruins of the ancient church, and the eighteenth-century Santa Maria delle Grazie. On the permission of the pastor you can enter the canonical, where other finds from the Roman villa, including a mosaic floor, are collected. Wine lovers will find here an excellent haven, because Casale Marittima is part of the Etruscan Coast's Wine Road, which tells a territory characterized by Etruscan-Roman remains and medieval villages, wooded hills, fields and rivers grown from landscapes that marry the green of the vegetation with the blue of the sea and offer a natural and tasty food.
In this village, in fact, recent excavations have found the remains of an Etruscan village of the 7th century BC, in addition to the necropolis of Casa Nocera, a complex of burials of the Etruscan warrior princes. This ancient village, nestled in the green of the Pisan hills, offers the possibility of walking, horseback, cycling and in contact with nature. Everything is surrounded by the typical Tuscan cuisine that enlivens the days

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