Structure form

Price: EUR 100.000,00

ROS 07 - FONDO COMMERCIALE for sale in Rosignano Solvay

Locality: Rosignano Solvay

SHOPPING FUND in the center of Rosignano Solvay, just 400 meters from the sea.
Nearby there are other shops, the area is very well served, you get comfortably from the road and you can easily find the parking lot.
It is easy to reach this commercial fund also on foot from all areas of Rosignano Solvay.
The commercial fund has a surface of approx. 90, and consists of three rooms, the first, has direct access to the Via Berlinguer, from this you access a second room that is intermediate compared to the other two, finally, you get to a very large room that is on the back of the built and which also has access from the court, which through a small path leads to a gate on the Via Berlinguer.
In the back room there is also a bathroom and anteroom.
The place needs some works of arrangement, but it is very large and bright, suitable to start any business.


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